About me
Hi, I'm Ryan Boemi.  I am a highly motivated and creative Product Designer currently residing in Redondo Beach, CA.  My journey started at the University of Arizona where I graduated with a BSEE in 2009.  Prior to my life as a designer I was as an Electrical Engineer for 10+ years working on the design and development of both hardware and software products.  I learned a lot but engineering couldn't scratch my creative itch.  For as long as I can remember I always wanted to express my creativity through art and design so have recently decided to focus my attention on designing products UI and experiences.
My interest in art and design goes way back.  I've been drawing since I can remember and had an interest in webpage design as early as high school.  In my years before college I'd create websites pertaining to my hobbies using HTML.  I finally realized I could marry my logical reasoning and problem solving skills as an engineer with my talents in art and design to become a very strong designer.  I am currently working through student projects alongside my mentor Frank Overland, a UX product designer I met through an online design course.
If you are interested in collaborating or discussing any opportunities, let's chat!
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